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RFID into the competition for the critical period

Recently, a single electronic tag cost from 0.2 U.S. dollars to 0.05 dollars, its explosive growth gradually from concept to reality. As China RFID Standard Working Group and the China RFID Industry Alliance officially established, the Chinese RFID standards development, application popularity and market maturity has become a hot topic of global concern.

November 4 -5, the "Global RFID China RFID Industry Alliance Summit & Annual Meeting of China" held in Beijing. From the global RFID standards organization, the international leader in the industry and domestic users and other multi-person shared and concluded in 2005 to develop RFID standards, the latest technology development and application of the results.

The most striking is that the General Assembly, Ministry of Information Industry announced the establishment of China RFID Standard Working Group and the China RFID Industry Alliance officially established. Standards Working Group team is led by Ministry of Electronic Information Products Management Division as Zhang Qi. It is reported that the first units of the standard working group members were 54, adopt an open, transparent and consensual manner.

Standards: the Working Group to re-start

Han Jun, deputy director of Ministry of Science and Technology said: "The standards are essentially the problem of interest, the standard of competition is an interest conflict. Current interests are complex, so the coordination of standardization is more complex and more difficult. To Zhang Qi Director as head of Standard Working Group because we have to integrate the interests of all, it is necessary to protect national interests, but also to maintain industrial order, which requires the joint enterprise innovation, departmental forward. "

Previously, the historical evolution of RFID under the jurisdiction of the issue in all ministries has not been a consistent result is a direct consequence of national standards last year, the Working Group on RFID was stopped work. At that time, the Joint Science and Technology also held a dozen ministries and RFID technology for internal meetings, and plans to release a "White Paper on China's RFID development strategy," but has not issued a timetable.

It is learned, RFID standardization is a key part of radio frequency and items codes. EAN bar codes as the original by the Standardization Administration of China, Article Numbering Center of subordinate management, while the MII management of radio spectrum resources planning.

At the meeting, Ministry of Radio Frequency Planning Authority, the Director Li said, the current domestic UFH band no longer idle, he thought, RFID work on the 860MHz frequency band the following more feasible. As the frequency of resource constraints, we must carefully consider the RFID business, and other existing business compatibility, to avoid interference. Also to be considered with all the technical parameters of radio frequency identification indicators, such as transmit power, occupied bandwidth, etc., to protect the radio wave order.

By the China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce and other organizations Sparkice hundreds of companies initiated the establishment of the China RFID Industry Alliance, currently about 400 Chinese and foreign enterprises to apply for, including 500 in the nearly 20 multinational IT companies. Council meetings are held the first year and developed a detailed work plan for 2006, including technical specifications and industry development, research, training, regular forums, exhibitions and international exchange activities, and organize members to declare RFID technology trial.

According to reports, "China RFID Industry Alliance" to promote the extension and application of technology and RFID applications to eliminate the triple major barriers: cost barriers, standards barriers, technical barriers, and thus enhance the industry's competitive advantage and national competitive advantage in the market for scale, technology level, cost structure, catch up with Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries.

Application: Call of Duty other than the standard

Technical merits of the decision criteria are never the only factor, the key is to see who's technology was mature in the market the first commercial application, who can capture the market as soon as possible, who is the most powerful.

China has the most complete product categories, equipment manufacturing, is the world's most important IT product manufacturing and processing base and consumer market and third largest trading nation in the world, these are for the RFID industry in China provides a huge market space and rare opportunities for development.

RFID technology in China started late, but RFID technology has been in China's electronic identity card to pay for urban public transport, security certificates and merchandise, special equipment, strong inspection, safety management, animal and plant electronic signs, the areas of logistics management application pilot project launched , made some progress.

The conference is littered with popular applications from the field of RFID voice. In the field of civil aviation, the Hong Kong Airport Authority Technical Services and Procurement Director, YF Wong introduced the Hong Kong International Airport using RFID technology for baggage tracking of success; in the field of transport, the world's largest container maker China International Marine Containers Group, Technology Management Department of weeks by the Qin Introduction experience; in the library management, the world's first comprehensive application of RFID Intelligent Library System Assistant Director of the Singapore National Library Katherina Lee brings its management experience.

Sparkice chairman has strongly pointed out that the world is expected in 2008 will likely set off RFID applications in the climax of a number of areas, performance in the United States for retail, defense, medical field enforcement in Europe will be in the retail, show the field of counterfeiting clues, in Japan, is shown as logistics, banking, communications, strong demand in China will be in the Olympics, fake security, import and export, animal disease has a wide range of prospects.

From the industry perspective, China's RFID industry in chip design and manufacturing, packaging labels, reader design and manufacturing have made real progress, already has a certain degree of system integration capabilities, and in several specific areas related to applications developed , provides a complete RFID application solutions. Ministry of Information Industry Development Fund in the year to organize e-implemented RFID technology, standards and product development and application demonstration, conducted industrial deployment.

Among them, the Golden Card Project, one of the focus in 2005 is to vigorously promote the development of China's RFID industry and industry-specific application of the pilot. According to Analysys International released the latest report, second quarter of 2005, China's RFID market reached 226 million, more than double over last year, while the full payment of the second generation ID card market has expanded rapidly and the most important reasons accounted for almost 38% of the market share. Can be seen, in addition to step up the development of standards in order to open the RFID application market to become open and pragmatic move.

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